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About the Business

Jo Bryenton is a freelance Makaton tutor. Makaton is a communication system which uses signs made with your hands, simple symbols and speech to help people communicate. Today over 100,000 people in the UK with communication difficulties use Makaton signs and symbols to help them communicate, either as an alternative means of communication or to support their speech. Jo teaches Makaton to people who interact with Makaton users – parents, caregivers, education, healthcare professionals, staff working in the leisure and retail sectors, and anyone who comes into contact with children and adults with communication difficulties.
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The story

Jo came to us without a logo or a style guide but with a real passion for telling her story through her business. She was keen to break the mould on how Makaton tutors typically present themselves and present her business as a reflection of herself and her journey.
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How we helped them

We helped Jo tease out all the wonderful things she was doing in the business, how she wanted to be represented and we looked at what her competitors were doing to ensure she stood out from the crowd.


After getting under the skin of her brand story we did an audit of her website to identify a better customer journey and experience, content and images that were missing and recommendations on how to present her offering.


We helped Jo proof read her copy to ensure she was shouting about all the wonderful things she was offering and how her personal story well positioned her in the market.


We then went onto creating a brand style guide for her to capture key elements she could use across the business such as colours, fonts, tone of voice, images and graphics. This was then used to brief a designer to create the logo and a photographer to capture some new, modern images of Jo that were representative of her brand.


Once the style guide was completed we set up social media templates in Canva and gave Jo some one to one training in how to use them, ensuring that we were giving her the tools to take her brand guide forwards and grow her business independently.

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Yorkshire Brand Stories
‘A ‘Brand Marvel’ is the best description of Holly I can think of :) I have worked with her this year to create a new, vibrant identity for my brand, which has a consistent visual and verbal style. She has helped me establish links with York businesses in the creative sector to work on brand photos, logos, printing etc. Not only is Holly a pleasure to work with as she’s calm and reassuring, she also has a methodical approach to working out what your brand is/isn’t all about, and then helping you shape what that means in terms of purpose, mission, voice, vision and values. I particularly liked our informal meetings, surrounded by children, dogs, and the everyday stuff that is the lot of a working parent – it helped me relax and feel ‘at home’. If you are looking to create a strong brand identity or revitalise your existing brand, Holly is absolutely the woman you need.’
Jo Bryenton Makaton Tutor
Yorkshire Brand Stories

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Yorkshire Brand Stories

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