How to build brand awareness through a press release

Brand Awareness

Building your brand awareness and connecting with potential customers is a tough feat for any business. There are so many marketing options to choose from and deciding what’s best for you, at a price that seems fair, can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Boosting your brand awareness through a compelling press release is a cost effective tool to reach lots of potential customers and a great way to share something newsworthy.

So, what do you write about?

Are you an exert in your field and have some unique advice to share? Do you have an interesting, newsworthy back story? Are you doing something topical right now or have lately achieved success? Have you recently released a new product or service?

These are all great reasons to write a press release to boost brand awareness. As well as your main subject copy be sure to include a brief introduction to the business as well as some company information at the end. This could include what your key products or services are, what year you were established, what products or services you offer and where you are based.

How do you grab a journalist’s attention?

Here are my top 5 tips to make yourself stand out:

  1. Make life easy for journalists – send them your copy in a word document and include pictures separately. Include all the relevant contact information, links etc… so they don’t have to request or go hunting for the information. Being easy to work with and quick to respond will be key to building a long term relationship for future opportunities.
  2. Include a quote or two – make it personal, give an opinion, share any trends you have noticed recently in your business or sector. Putting a face to your brand helps people connect with your business on a personal level. If you are sending your press release to local press talking about your local community will be a big ‘tick’ for the journalist.
  3. Pictures, videos and downloadable links – think about what pictures or videos you want to sit alongside your words. Hand pick or create images using a websites like Canva (free) to make them eye catching and on brand to drive awareness. Do you have any resources you can share for free? If so include a link to send traffic to your website to download.
  4. Create an eye catching subject title – make your email stand out in a full inbox. Here are some examples for different styles of email content that I think work well.
  5. Include a call to action – what is the purpose of your press release? Launched a new product? Tell people where to buy it and how much it costs. Want to drive traffic to your website? Give them a compelling reason to go there, maybe you are giving something away for free or have something to share, either way make sure you include a link! New business opening? Tell them how to reach you and what your opening hours are…you get the gist.

Who do I send the press release to?

Where is your target audience going to consume information? Are you looking to target trade or consumer press or both? Is your content relevant for local or national coverage?

Put together a press list and consider if the following are right for you:

  • Local & national press
  • Trade publications
  • Local and national radio
  • Networking groups or facebook communities you have joined
  • Local or national bloggers

Don’t forget about your own media channels. Ensure that you include your press release on your website, perhaps as part of a blog, and share across your social media channels. If you have an email database adapt your press release into a newsletter.

Still not sure where to start?

Here are a couple of case studies to help inspire you in your press release writing and distribution. If you still need a hand please get in touch to see how I can help you. I also offer a personal press office service. Let me create for you an ‘added value’ digital item you can share with customers. As part of the service I will also write and distribute a press release to help promote it.


York Mumbler

York Mumbler is a comprehensive website intended to make life easier for parents in York. It covers everything you need to know from pregnancy through to teens. Since lock down began on the 23rd March York Mumbler owner, Emily Pickard, had to make significant changes to her community based website to meet the needs of parents in York.

I crafted a press release for York Mumbler to ensure as many parents in York had access to the FREE resources and up to date information about changes in the local area following the Coronavirus outbreak.

York Mumbler Topic Timetable

The press release included links to the FREE downloadable resources, information about new sections and blogs on the website and key information about local changes. It also included a quote from Emily about the challenges home schooling had brought and how the business had to adapt in the current situation.

As well as helping parents in York, Mumbler also acts as a platform for local businesses to advertise their products or services. The press release was therefore also used to promote these services which includes a free option for all.

The final result…

Coverage on That’s TV York! Click the image below to see the coverage, it received 1,900 views on launch day.

York Mumbler That's TV York

“Holly is great to work with… She immediately got what my business was about and could come up with relevant and well worked through ideas that were ready to go. She has the rare gift of being able to be a ‘big-thinker’ as well as getting down to the detail of making things happen. Holly takes in feedback really well and is able to adapt really quickly… I love working with her as I know she just wants to do what is best for my business and customers. Thanks so much Holly! “

Emily Pickard – York Mumbler

LEaF Translations

LEaF Translations specialises in website translation and localisation. Previously working within the German market only, the business had recently evolved to add new language combinations and re-focussed on targeting UK businesses.

Following a Yorkshire Brand Stories Brand Recce, we identified a strong case for an informative press release to target the business section within local consumer and trade press. The press release included top tips on how businesses can attract international customers as well as a FREE downloadable English Language Style Guide.

We targeted local trade and consumer press with the press release as well as sharing on LEaF translations social channels.

English Language Style Guide Brand Awareness