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With over 14 years experience working with licensed products I eat, sleep and breath licensing. It's one of my greatest passions and always on my mind when working with new brands. Thinking outside the box to link beautiful designs with best in class manufacturers gives me a huge sense of satisfaction - mostly because I get to create products I want for myself.

Are you a local artist, designer or brand owner looking to develop your own licensing programme but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you are a manufacturer looking to sign your first licensing agreement.

Artist Licensing Programme

In October 2020 I launched a licensing programme, representing a group of York based artists, and we are looking to collaborate with manufacturers across lots of different sectors.

By combining original artworks with locally manufactured products you can create something that adds huge value for the consumer. By using original, hand crafted designs manufacturers can offer something a bit different that sets themselves apart from their competitors. It’s also a great way to launch a limited edition product range or eye catching seasonal gift set. Fans of the artists work can add to their ‘art collection’ at more affordable prices than original artworks.

For more information about the artists read on, for more information about how product licensing works please check out my blog on the subject.

Gerard Hobson

Gerard Hobson Garden Birds

Gerard Hobson is a York based print maker. Inspired by nature, he creates bespoke prints and wood cut outs. His style is bold, distinctive and well loved. His creations have personality, a broad appeal and add a splash of colour to any room.

Since childhood Gerard Hobson has had a love for birds, animals and art. His love of wildlife saw him qualify as a zoologist from Bangor University in 1984 and then worked for a couple of years for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust as a botanist. Later he became an illustrator for them, working on leaflets and sign boards.


Following relocating up north, Gerard worked for Yorkshire Wildlife as a botanist and illustrator and continued to develop his work on a freelance basis.

The bold, friendly creatures he creates can be used as fully coloured designs or single colour outlines. Products such as enamelware, food and beverages with natural flavours and home interiors lend themselves well to his style. His bright, fun images also work well as a repeat pattern and would translate beautifully onto fabrics, wall papers and stationery.

Gerard Hobson Merry England
Gerard Hobson Sitting Tiger
Gerard Hobson Cut Out Birds

Adele Karmazyn

Adele Karmazyn Midnight Stroll

Adele Karmazyn is a York based Digital Photomontage Artist. Her love of antiquities and oddities, old doors and weathered surfaces are the foundations of her work.

Using her collection of 19th century photographs she carefully chooses a character and brings them into another world, intertwining them with creatures, delicate foliage, antiques and oddities she creates images both sophisticated and playful.

Adele often uses idioms, metaphors and musical lyrics for inspiration and to add narrative to her work.

Adele’s unique, thought provoking designs can be used to create products that tell an enchanting story. Vintage trinkets, foliage and tiny creatures can be used to add intrigue and interest to the underside of tea cups and insides of notebooks and packaging.

Products such as alcohol, indulgent treats, beauty & fragrance and ceramics lend themselves well to her style. As the images are created in digital layers they can be pulled apart to create 3 dimensional, concertina style products also.

Survival Adele Karmazyn
Percious Adele Karmazyn
Tower of strength Adele Karmazyn

Anna Cook

Anna Cook a Prickly encounter

Anna Cook is a York based paper artist. Her previous experience as a framer inspired her to play around and create art with depth. She wanted to produce mini scenes that people could look into and explore.

Her creations, inspired by nature and the arts and crafts movement, are made by layering up pieces of paper that have been hand cut then moulded, curled and embossed to form beautiful, delicate woodland scenes.

Materials that can be laser cut or engraved are ideal for interpreting her designs. Products such as light shades and candle holders, jewellery,  gift boxes and intricately cut pop up cards lend themselves well to her style.

Anna Cook Hare
Anna Cook Paper Artist
Anna Cook Black Bird

Lucie Wake

Dog 1 Lucie Wake

Lucie Wake is a York Based artist who specialises in oil painting.  Her favourite pastimes are painting and people watching. Her portraits allow her to combine both of these loves.

Dog 4 Lucie Wake
Dog 3 Lucie Wake
Dog 2 Lucie Wake

Licensing Consultant

Are you looking to sign your first licensing agreement but don't know where to start? Is the world of licensing a mystery and you don't know how to get involved? Let me help you by creating your pitch, negotiate your terms and walk you through the product approval process.

Having worked with some of the worlds biggest brands such as Disney, Nickelodeon and the BBC, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you get established in this exciting, lucrative market.

Please get in touch to discuss your project.

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