Looking for ideas to move your business forwards? You need a Brand Recce!

My Brand Recce can help you no matter what stage your business is at. Maybe you are just launching your business and need a helping hand to define your brand values or require some feedback on first impressions. Perhaps you are a well established business looking to take things to the next level but don’t know what to focus on or what steps can be taken to succeed.

One of the best things about being self employed is the variety of people and businesses I get to work with. I really love to get under the skin of what makes a business tick, understanding the challenges different business sectors face and hearing success stories being regaled.

The first stage in the Brand Recce is a questionnaire to help me, and usually you, understand a bit more about your business. What are your brand values? How do you think your customers perceive you? Who are your main competitors? What are your long term objectives? Sometimes when you are stuck in the day to day of running your business it’s hard to find time to stand back and question what is and isn’t working and celebrate successes.

Following the questionnaire I go away to do my homework. This is the point you sit back, relax and let me do the hard work. I research every inch of your business and your main competitors to establish your USPs and flag any tricks that might have been missed. I pin point areas for a rethink and concoct new marketing strategies, visual concepts or content ideas to help your business shine. I find most clients that take part in the questionnaire go away from that first meeting inspired to consider new ideas or opportunities. When we meet back up again to de-brief the project they have already started to put into action some points raised through the questionnaire and come fresh with ideas they are eager to bounce off me. It’s one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of the process for me when a client is visibly and verbally buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit!

The de-brief comes in 3 sections:

1. Competitor analysis – a deep dive into your main competitors. I detail their USPs, brand values, give you my honest view of the impression they make and any other notes of interest.

2. SWOT analysis – this is a review of your business, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It’s great to have a reminder of what you are really good at, areas you want to improve and what opportunities are within your reach. This comes presented on a 1 page slide so you can print and easily refer back to keep you on track.

3. Finally, next steps and recommendations – the bit I enjoy and tests my creativity the most. Having taken into consideration the SWOT and your overall business goals I compile a selection of bespoke, actionable points or projects for you to consider. These can either be undertaken by yourself or if you are tight on time I include further details on how I can help lighten the load.

The final presentation is sent to you on email for you to digest in your own time, but the service doesn’t stop there. If you have a burning question or need a view on something I am happy to help. If I come across something that I think will be of interest to you I will always stay in touch and share it with you. My aim when setting up Yorkshire Brand Stories was to help local businesses flourish, and that is at the heart of how I conduct my business.

The cost of the Brand Recce is £350.

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Would highly recommend the Brand Recce: having an objective overview of your competitors and your own business by a marketing expert is priceless. It was extremely informative and the next steps Holly suggested were all really clear and actionable. Looking forward to working with Yorkshire Brand Stories in the future to grow our business.

Lucy Pembayun – LEaF Translations


The Brand Recce was such a positive experience.  I really valued having the opportunity for a fresh pair of eyes to look in detail at my current branding and online marketing.  As a solo business owner it’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day so being able to view everything from a more strategic level was great.  Holly highlighted some areas for development with lots of practical guidance on how to progress.  Holly had really tuned into my development plans during the interview and the guidance provided really supported my business goals.  I’m really excited about putting all of the advice into practical use and would definitely recommend the session.

Olivia Brabbs – Olivia Brabbs Photography