Our newest collaboration: An Intern!

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I am a second-year English student at the University of York. I was incredibly fortunate to have secured an branding and licencing internship with Holly at Yorkshire Brand Stories. I am so excited for the chance to help build and cultivate its online brand profile through a variety of marketing strategies. I have lots of ideas and like to think of myself as a very creative person with a passion for all things artsy!

I am delighted that I am able to combine my undergraduate degree in English with my love for art and branding under the new Artist Collaboration Project that involves expanding Yorkshire Brand Stories and the collaborations between fantastic local artists. I hope that by blogging my internship journey will help others who are seeking an internship in the marketing and branding industry, as well as communicate the amazing (and highly personable might I add) branding that we do here at Yorkshire Brand Stories!

Why I applied

I really wanted to pursue my love of marketing and art within a professional environment. Through researching Yorkshire Brand Stories, I felt inspired by Holly’s deep interest in showcasing all of Yorkshire’s artistic hidden gems and perusing collaborations to expand their individual brands. I myself particularly enjoy colourful and surrealist artwork which has inspired my own and so the artists represented under the Artist Collaboration Project really resonated with me. This Internship was overall the perfect opportunity for me to harness my passion of the arts and get some great experience in the field of branding and marketing.

How I got the internship

I found the internship on the university’s Internship Bureau that is on our career’s website: Handshake. I had to fill out an application and answer questions on why I wanted to apply to this role, how my skills and experience would help me, and what I would hope to gain from the internship. I sent this form off along with my CV as this form acted as a sort of Cover Letter. A few days later I received a request for an interview by Holly and undertook a pre-task that involved brainstorming what kinds of products would work well with an artist under the Artist Collaboration Project. I chose Adele Karmazyn as I had a couple years experience in Surrealist art within my Art A-Level. The interview process involved answering questions about myself, as well as expanding on my branding ideas. About a week later I received the offer!

My Presentation on Adele Karmazyn.

My role as an Intern

I started the internship a couple weeks ago. As it’s completely virtual it’s safe to say that there are a lots of zoom meetings! I have spent lots of time creating graphics on ‘canva’ which has been great fun and have brainstormed ideas for further collaborations between artists. It’s been great to have been given so much responsibility and flexibility alongside my studies as I am able to create designs and help build on the website in my own time.

One of my major roles is very exciting and consists of planning and executing a Yorkshire Brand Stories birthday campaign across all social medias in order to celebrate 1 year in business. This enables me to assert my creativity through graphic creation and collaborations with artists in order to make this campaign as interactive as possible. I am hopeful in attracting a large audience by reinvigorating the social medias and am delighted to be a part of marking a tremendous milestone that acknowledges Holly’s achievement in business.

Previous Experience and Advice

I am my College Wellbeing Officer and so regularly make graphics and posts for our social media in order to promote the importance of mental wellbeing. Further to this I have work experience with Graduate Collection, a Design Company that, similarly to Yorkshire Brand Stories, sources local artists in order to promote products such as wallpaper and ceramics. Work experience at ‘Hutch’ Games also enabled me to oversee the process of manufacturing a visual product.

I had no idea that this kind of experience would help me secure a branding internship and If I had any advice it would be to get out there! If you think you might want to take on a certain role then apply! If you want to take part in a project then do! Same goes for applying. I certainly had my fair share of no’s but clearly Holly saw something in me which is amazing. Anyway, too late now, I’m hired!

Emma x