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Yorkshire Brand Stories was established by Holly Ashby as a way of reconnecting to the city she grew up in. She wanted to work with local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by creating powerful collaborations, using local suppliers to deliver the goods and building long lasting relationships with ‘business buddies’.

She wanted to grow the business big enough to bring on board lovely local people who also had a passion for brands, learning new skills and a creative flair. Building an environment where staff members felt supported and valued, had the option for flexible working and a strong emphasis on a good work life balance was a key criteria on what ‘success’ looked like…after all she has 3 munchkins herself!

Brand Manager

Discover the stories behind the team…

Brand Manager
Brand Manager

Holly Ashby

Director and Brand Storyteller

Beth Radburn

Junior Brand Manager

Yorkshire Brand Stories

Holly has a wealth of experience in bringing new products to market, across the entire process. From proposition development, procurement, and packaging to research, brand development and campaign strategy. Her ability to pivot from one task to the next is highly valuable, reprioritising and communicating effectively throughout. Plus, she’s a pleasure to work with.


Peter Spiers – CMO Sweet Squared

Yorkshire Brand Stories

How can Yorkshire Brand Stories help you?

Brand Creation

Let’s help you create a visual and verbal identity for your brand! Your Brand Story!

Brand Manager

Brand Management

Once your brand story is in place, let us help you market your business to your desired customer base.

Brand Manager

New Product Development

Do you have a product in mind that you’d like to bring to market? We can help you asses the market opportunity, help you find quality suppliers and ensure your product stands out and is fit for purpose.

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Brands we’ve helped

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing Yorkshire brands since the business launched in 2020 across a range of sectors. Find out a bit more about the people and brands we’ve collaborated with over the years… 

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