Yorkshire Brand Stories launches local Artist Licensing Program

Yorkshire brand Stories Long

Having spent many years working with global brands such as Disney, Nickelodeon and the Prince’s Trust, local Brand Manager Holly Davies felt it was time to put the spotlight on some of the amazing brands Yorkshire has to offer. She set up Yorkshire Brand Stories earlier this year to enable her to work with brands she felt passionate about and make a difference within her community.

As well as offering brand and marketing consultancy services, Holly has recently launched a licensing program which represents a group of local artists to connect them with local producers to create innovative and beautifully designed products.

‘By combining original artworks with locally manufactured products you can create something that adds huge value for the consumer. By using original, hand crafted designs manufacturers can offer something a bit different that sets themselves apart from their competitors. It’s also a great way to launch a limited edition product range or eye catching seasonal gift set.’ Says Holly. ‘Fans of the artists work can add to their ‘art collection’ at more affordable prices than original artworks.’

‘The first artist I signed was Gerard Hobson. Gerard has been a regular feature at York Open studios for the past 10 years and has a strong local following. The bold, friendly creatures he creates can be used as fully coloured designs or single colour outlines. Products such as enamelware, food and beverages with natural flavours and home interiors lend themselves well to his style. His bright, fun images also work well as a repeat pattern and would translate beautifully onto fabrics, wall papers and stationery.’

‘My second signing was Adele Karmazyn. Adele is a Digital Photomontage Artist and her style is very quirky and playful. Using her collection of 19th century photographs she carefully chooses a character and brings them into another world, intertwining them with creatures, delicate foliage, antiques and oddities.’ 

‘Adele’s unique, thought provoking designs can be used to create products that tell an enchanting story. Vintage trinkets, foliage and tiny creatures can be used to add intrigue and interest to the underside of tea cups and insides of notebooks and packaging. Products such as alcohol, indulgent treats, beauty & fragrance and ceramics lend themselves well to her style. As the images are created in digital layers they can be pulled apart to create 3 dimensional, concertina style products also.’

‘The final signing, for now, is paper artist Anna Cook. Her previous experience as a framer inspired her to play around and create art with depth. She wanted to produce mini scenes that people could look into and explore.

Anna’s creations, inspired by nature and the arts and crafts movement, are made by layering up pieces of paper that have been hand cut then moulded, curled and embossed to form beautiful, delicate woodland scenes. Products such as light shades and candle holders, jewellery,  gift boxes and intricately cut pop up cards lend themselves well to her style. Materials that can be laser cut or engraved are ideal for interpreting her designs.’

Holly is looking to collaborate with manufacturers from all industries including food and beverage producers, homewares, ceramics, paper products and toiletries to name but a few.

‘With all my artists I am looking to interpret their styles in a unique way across a variety of product areas. I am looking to work with producers that can really enhance the essence of the original pieces and present them in new and interesting ways.’

Get in touch with Holly to discuss any licensing queries.